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The Trendy new ingredient for Dandruff-free Hair

Oh the many uses of yucca.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Jan 3, 2022

Yucca, a plant of the agave family, is one of those ingredients that are so recognizable in the skincare world that you might even forget about all the benefits it has. Indigenous cultures in the Southwestern United States and Northern Mexico have used yucca for centuries.


Used traditionally in medicine as a remedy for digestive disorders and inflammation, yucca continues to be a strong contender today. But it is probably lesser known as a dandruff savior — when in fact yucca works to naturally thicken hair.


Native American tribes used to (and still do) use yucca roots to help treat dry scalp, dandruff, and thinning hair for its anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties. Used in haircare products, the famous plant removes product buildup from the scalp and releases positive benefits in the scalp for a flake-free existence.


Below, we break down all you need to know about the historical plant and some of its top benefits for the hair, including a dandruff free lifestyle.


What was yucca originally used for?

Good question. Traditionally, yucca was used by the Indigenous communities and early Californian settlers to treat wounds, irritated scalp, acne scars, and arthritis. It was also used to ferment fruit to produce a beverage for rituals and used in cooking to sweeten food.


Do I actually need to use yucca skincare products?

Ah, the benefits. Yucca is extremely high in antioxidants that help protect the skin from free radical damage (responsible for breaking down the skin’s collagen and resulting in wrinkles, dark spots, saggy skin, and fine lines) and oxidative stress. In addition, yucca is also high in folic acid, and potent in Vitamin C — the essential support for fibroblasts and collagen production in the dermis.


As a component of saponin, the natural plant compound that has soap-like properties, yucca is great in shampoo and other hair treatments as it eliminates build-up, dead skin cells, and combats environmental components. Not to mention, it also stops flaking and alleviates dryness and dandruff.


What about the side effects?

While yucca is known to alleviate dandruff, help with antioxidant protection, and minimize inflammation, be careful of overusing it if you have sensitive skin. Always perform a patch test or consult your dermatologist before starting a new routine, yucca use included. Overall, though, yucca is great in skin and hair products for it’s anti-inflammatory and antiseptic benefits.


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